99% of young people in the UK live knife free    

99% of young people in the UK live knife free. And, while those that carry often claim to do it to feel safer, carrying a knife can get you into dangerous situations. People who carry a weapon are more likely to be hospitalised with an injury caused by violence.  No parent, grandparent, brother or sister wants to see the person they love, harmed or killed.


        Will your squad help you get a job?  

1 Friends should never pressure you into doing something you don’t want to. Are the people around you having a positive impact on your life?

2 Some friends may pressure you to carry. Try to think of a way to say no before they ask – it could save your life.

3 Try and stay away from situations that you know are likely to result in conflict or violence.

4 Find positive activities on the YES Slough website to channel your energy, avoid trouble and meet other people like you.


        There’s always a way out. Let us help you find yours…  

The best way to find what you’re good at is to try different activities. Discover opportunities to channel your creativity, nurture a skill, meet new people, or get on with your career. The YES programme has thirteen free activities every week, involving sports, music, volunteering and the arts. The Active Slough timetable has a range of sports activities, many of them are free. Berkshire Opportunities has jobs, apprenticeships and courses in Slough and beyond.

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