Opportunities Online during the Coronavirus Pandemic

What opportunities are available online?

The image below summarises a wide range of different activities that young people can take part in online during the pandemic.

Underneath there is information outlining how young people can get involved and how we will ensure they are kept safe online.



If you would like to download the programme, please click HERE


How do I get involved?

Fill out the registration form here: https://form.jotformeu.com/YESSlough/regform

We will contact you with instructions about how to join online.

Are there any costs involved?

All our activities are free and should be free to access using a laptop or mobile device using Wifi.

How are sessions delivered?

The majority of the sessions are being delivered by Zoom.

What are you doing to ensure the platform is safe for young people?

All staff have been DBS checked and there is an expectation that staff will maintain the high standards of diligence when it comes to safeguarding that we would expect in ‘normal circumstances.’ Our practices in this area have been informed by the NSPCC’s guidance Undertaking remote teaching safely. With regards to Zoom in particular, wherever possible we are following guidance from Andrew Hall (safeguardinginschools.co.uk) by:

  • Using a new meeting room each time
  • Preventing attendees from joining before host
  • Muting attendees on joining
  • Turning screen sharing off
  • Not publicising our meeting’s link on social media
  • Not sharing screenshots of everyone without consent and particularly when the image shows the meeting ID
  • Preventing participants from using the private chat function

I’m a youth worker / social worker – how can I refer a young person?

Email [email protected] with all the relevant details. We do not ask partners to complete a specific form. If a MARF, Young People’s Service Referral Form or Early Help Assessment has recently been completed then any one of these forms is acceptable.