Film Brief

Brief: Young People’s Mental Health Poetry Film


We are inviting Berkshire-based Artists and Filmmakers, to pitch to work with us and our poetry competition winner, to shoot and edit a campaign film based on the poem below:

It’s all just a façade…

From the fake smile,
Through the white lies,
With hidden emotions,
To the teary eyes,
I sit and pretend it’s all fine,
But it’s all just a façade.

My mother asks me,
“How was your day?”
And I reply with the same three words every day,
“It was okay”
Not that she seems to care,
But I don’t think she’s aware,
That it’s all just a façade.

I feel like a burden,
Needing help with every little thing,
No longer able to look after even my own basic human needs,
I’m internally screaming, losing my mind,
But externally, I’m doing just fine and,
It’s all just a façade.

So parents, mothers, fathers, carers,
Learn to help and recognise if your child’s hidden in the darkness,
Allow a little light in by sitting them down and asking them,
“Is it all just a façade?”

Lend an ear to listen and to educate yourself,
Allow yourself to learn if they’ve had to drag them self,
Though a journey of eternal blackness.
If they open up, give them some aid,
Be their guiding light as they will be afraid,
Because it could have all just been a façade.

How to pitch

Experienced film professionals as well as new and emerging Artists, Videographers, Directors and Cinematographers are all welcome to submit a short proposal and a simple storyboard alongside examples of their previous work to [email protected] by Monday 12th April 2021.
We will provide mentoring as well as production, creative and technical support and resources and a fee of £2000.
The successful idea will be selected by the poet and a panel of Youth Health Champions.
Documentary, drama, experimental or animation ideas all welcome but the film needs to be used in the context below.


NHS East Berkshire CCG are working with local charity Aik Saath – Together as One and social enterprise Resource Productions CIC, who founded and lead Youth Engagement Slough to increase parental awareness of and access to existing mental health support by:

  • Encouraging children and young people to express their feelings through poetry.
  • Running a digital poetry competition ‘Poem to a Parent’ to raise awareness amongst YPs.
  • Selecting one poem to turn into a video.
  • Using the video to run a digital campaign to raise awareness amongst parents.

The successful Artist will need to:

  • Work collaboratively with the producers Resource Productions and the young poet.
  • Have access to their own camera equipment or be able to budget for camera hire.
  • Have their own editing facilities – or be willing to use Resource Productions’ Digital Studio.
  • Be able to complete the film by Monday 3rd May 2021.
  • Be able to help promote the film in mental health awareness week w/c 10th May 2021.